i love graffiti.

At the end of the 1980s, I started taking graffiti photos – in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and many other places in Germany and Europe.

These are all images from the personal archives of Neck.CNS


Being search-engine friendly

I’ve been adding some text content to all galleries in order to be findable in your favourite search engines – man, this is tedious. but hopefully, it will bring these pictures more visibility. i can only hope. onwards, let’s write something more about graffiti in the 1980s…

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I just added 112 graffiti photos, putting Neuperlach and Chip on the map. Plus many additions to Munich All over by Eliot, Flin, Paze and many others. Enjoy!

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two more albums scanned

I just uploaded 231 images from Heimeranplatz, Tumblingerstrasse, Bürgerpark and Munich all over and added Writer galleries for Steve, Sonic and Mode2. It’s getting well populated already: we have 475 images in 14 galleries. Nice.

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first two albums: done

so yeah – the first two albums are scanned and uploaded… around 100 photos of old stuff from 1991 and 1995, i think. at least a few of the pieces were dated, thankfully. this is looking great already, and there’s only the tiniest bit done. so much stuff left to scan…

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