Munich / Tumb­lingerstrasse

These are the photos i’ve taken of graffiti pieces at Munich Schlachthof Tumblingerstraße Hall of Fame.

Munich’s last graffiti wall: The changing colors of Tumblingerstraße at the slaughterhouse

Schlachthof Tumblingerstraße: Munich’s last bastion of graffiti art

Tumblingerstraße at the Schlachthof in Munich proudly bears the colorful history of graffiti art in the streets of the city. As the last legal space for sprayers in Munich, this street has been a walking gallery, constantly changing and reflecting the creative pulse of the Schlachthof district.

The 80s: the dawn of the graffiti scene at Tumblingerstrasse

In the 1980s, Munich experienced a creative awakening when young graffiti artists, inspired by international trends, left their mark on the city. Legends such as the Geltendorf Train are still part of history today. Schlachthof Tumblingerstrasse became a hotspot where artistic freedom and forms of expression came to life on the concrete walls.

The 90s: Schlachthof as a hall of fame for sprayers

With the advent of the 90s, Tumblingerstrasse became the last refuge for sprayers in Munich. Here, graffiti artists found a legal playground to unleash their creativity and drench the streets in color.

2014: Redevelopment of Schlachthof Tumblingerstrasse and the continuation of history

In 2014, the future of Tumblingerstrasse was at stake when the walls threatened to collapse. But the city reacted and completely renovated the walls, saving a piece of graffiti history. The street remains the last legal place for sprayers in Munich and a showcase for the city’s ever-changing blaze of color.

Today, Schlachthof Tumblingerstraße is a living testimony to past and present graffiti art. The works of art change rapidly, reflecting the diversity of the creative scene and telling of the dazzling history of the Schlachthof district in Munich. Tumblingerstraße am Schlachthof, Munich’s last legal graffiti wall, tells a lively story of artistic freedom. The Wandelnde Galerie carries on the creative energy of the 80s and 90s and remains a melting pot for graffiti art in Munich.